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Mom-Blog: Self-care tips and tools by Talu

Meet Talu, a certified Life Coach for empowering others to find purpose and happiness in life. In this article she explains why self-care is important, especially for mothers and gives you a practical and fun tool to be more self-aware and self-caring with yourself.

I’m so excited to join the femBona team of ladies to bring awareness to you wonderful women.
As a busy mum and always on the move, one of the most important areas I love to coach my clients on is one around Self-Care.

I’m sure you have heard about putting on your oxygen mask FIRST before helping others in an emergency situation on board of an aircraft.

I would like to invite you to think about this for a moment…

As mothers we tend to put our wants after our children’s, yet in order for us to be more present and productive it clearly makes sense to have some me time, right?

When I was traveling with my kids alone when they were a lot younger, that exact thought of putting on my oxygen mask before theirs would seriously make me feel like a terrible mum. Thank goodness I didn’t have to experience going through that. Although it does remind me of moments when I didn’t take the time to pause and understand what my body was saying or simply just taking a break and having some adult conversation.

I remember feeling frustrated and tired. It totally makes sense, we must take care of ourselves in order to be able to assist others, only then are we truly at our best.

I like to consider it as being in flow: When we are feeling rested, content, happy and ready to give, we are authentically present, whether it be caring for our children, at work with clients or colleagues, towards family members and others that we come into contact with.

Why should we be in balance and in flow?
To have healthier relationships, raise our children in a nurturing and caring way and importantly to have some self love.

So what does Self-Care mean?
Since we are all unique and have different ways to relax, recharge and fuel up, I would like to invite you to start discovering what exactly Self-Care means to you, by creating your own

Self-Care Vision Board

A Self-Care vision board is formed of images/pictures/words that help to identify all the activities that you would enjoy, that also fit with your lifestyle and values. Ready? Lets get started 🙂

– Use either an A3 or A2 size card paper
– Pick a colour that resonates with you
– Make sure to only include the activities you would do
– Make sure to find inspiring and positive images (magazine cut outs, photo’s, online print out)
– Brainstorm words and phrases that fit to your chosen activities

Once you have put together your board, place it in a visible location so that it acts as a visual representation and as daily inspiration to motivate you.

Congratulations for completing this!

Of course I’m curious what your board looks like, please do share with us so we can spread the awareness and encourage others to create their own Self-Care Vision Board. I will share mine with you all with the next blog.

Ok, so now you have your boards what is next?

You are READY to implement the practice. The best way to start this, is to establish the practice into a small daily self-care activity. As with any practice, we only see the benefits through repetition, by forming new baby habits, that will soothe you and make sure you’re always at your optimum – emotionally, physically and mentally.

If you need support to put your activity into practice make sure you ask for help, from partners, family and friends. Particularly when we have little children – trust me – don’t feel guilty, I’m sure family members would appreciate the quality time with your littles ones.

One other thing to keep in mind since most people consider self-care activities to be either about having a massage or attending a yoga class or something related to spending money, quite the contrary as a busy mum sometimes all I wanted when my kids were little was a night off from bath time, so I could have a bath too 😉 Having this time for myself before bed time helped me to relax and sleep better and ultimately start a day refreshed to being mum again.

It doesn’t also have to take up a lot of time, you can make a difference by having as little as 10 mins towards your Self-Care practice.

Self-Care practice is known not only to help us maintain balance but also to increase empathy and has been known to lower levels of anxiety and depression.

I hope that bringing you this awareness will give you the chance to firstly, visualise your very own Self-Care board, feel empowered to implement your practice into daily habits that effectively lead you to live a happier life.

Your Awareness Ambassador,

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